Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't it make my brown eyes blue

Holy cow, I just saw a human Papa Smurf on Oprah! He even left Dr. Oz speechless. This genius saw an ad for colloidal silver that touted it as a cure for petroleum poisoning and since his friend suffered from petroleum poisoning, he ordered some. And being an aforementioned genius and a good friend, he figured he couldn't very well recommend that his friend take this stuff without trying it out himself. Of course, he wasn't actually suffering from petroleum poisoning. Well, he tried it for a bit and it helped his acid reflux, so he eventually started applying it to his skin after he developed some dermatitis. He was caring for his elderly parents and not getting out much (and apparently not looking in a mirror) so it wasn't until a friend happened by that he even discovered he was turning blue! And he's not just a faint blue. Oh, no. He's the color of a grape jelly Jelly Belly.

So what is this stuff anyway? Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of silver particles. Waaaay back in the day, it was used medicinally to kill bacteria until something called 'antibiotics' were developed and found to be more effective. Not only were they more effective, but they did not have this interesting side effect: argyria. Seems that those silver particles, once absorbed by the skin either internally or externally, have a tendency to turn blue/gray when exposed to sunlight. Kind of like the silver particles in photographic paper darkening when exposed to light. As Dr. Oz said, he's essentially tattooed himself!

And finally, the reveal:

That's his fiance on the right. She met him after this had happened and like most women of a certain age, she wasn't discouraged when she learned he was blue. I wonder if she was thinking he just needed some cheering up?


Mike said...

that is very funny stuff you have written, see you in march

Artiface said...

Maybe she thinks what he needs is some All TemperaCheering Up!"

Very funny post. I may have to jack it (with credit of course)