Friday, October 24, 2008

The Review is In!

Clearly this young lady has great intelligence and taste! I received a Facebook friend request earlier with the following message attached: "You don't have to add me but somehow I stumbled [upon] your blog and think you are HYSTERICAL!!!!!"

Let's just bask in that for a second, shall we?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... I'm warm and fuzzy in a cold, drafty house. Bless you, dear girl. With you, that brings the total number of folks who find my blog hysterical up to 2, so of course I will accept your friend request!

And what a nice little motivator for the upcoming NaBloPoMo. Yes, that's right, National Blog Posting Month is just days away! I've been resting up for the challenge to write one blog per day for the entire month of November. I can't wait to dig up some more embarrassing stories! And now that I've recently reconnected with so many long lost friends, I can delve into their embarrassments for material as well! I'm sure they're all very happy about that. I actually had one friend in the past who said of my writing ambition, "If you ever write about me or my family, I'll kill you." It was a very effective deterrent, as this is the first time -- and the last time -- I will ever mention her or her family.

And now, your Daily Moment of Schmidt:

"Steve Schmidt is 38, bald and brawny, with a nasal, deadpan voice and a relentless stare. He is also a devoted husband and father of two young children, introspective and boyishly vulnerable for someone of such imposing stature. On mornings, he can be seen standing outside the McCain campaign headquarters in Arlington, Va., smoking a cigarette while he scowls at his BlackBerry." ~NY Times Magazine, 10/22/08

Hi Mrs. Schmidt!

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Robert said...

I just love the term NaBloPoMo.

Also, no offense to Mrs. Schmidt, but I sure hope Steve doesn't have a very good week next week. I think we could all use a break.

BTW, I think you are hilarious, too. That makes 3.