Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fudgie the Whale, It Ain't

My printer/scanner came back to life unexpectedly -- and briefly -- the other day and I was able to scan in some pics, or "blog seeds," as I thought of them.

For the record, THIS is a picture of a Carvel ice cream cake:

And THIS is a picture of the "ice cream cake" I received from a "friend" for my 32nd birthday:

You'll note that yes, it is technically an ice cream cake. It contains cake and ice cream. Outside of that, it bears absolutely no resemblance to a Carvel ice cream cake! Where are the chocolate crunchies, for crying out loud??

Ah, good times. My good friends Anne and Ruth were all set to satisfy my only birthday request -- for a Carvel ice cream cake. Anne and I were rooming together at the time and had invited a bunch of our friends from Richmond down for Memorial Day Weekend and my best friend and her now-hubby were coming down as well. We had a house full of friends on an incredibly rainy weekend and had a great time. About the only thing worse than the weather was that damn cake! A friend of ours at the time who considered herself something of a chef decided it was perfectly silly for Anne and Ruth to purchase a cake and that she would make one instead. They insisted on Carvel, she insisted on a Kissel Original. And that's what I got. We had to clear the entire freezer out to store the thing and then we couldn't actually cut it. I'm pretty sure we just hid it in the freezer until the chef left.

The only saving grace is that my bff brought her grandmother's famous Dip. That's the green stuff in the bowl to the left. It's the world's bestest onion/garlic dip and I lived on it for the entire weekend. And no, we don't know why she insisted on making it green. But we've tried it without the food coloring and as crazy as it sounds, it doesn't taste the same! I used to bring Dip to work potlucks and had to make batches of it for several coworkers to bring to parties. This stuff is awesome! It's also somewhat toxic -- if you have any, you have to insist the people around you eat it as well. Consider it the first line of defense.

And now I know what I'll be making this weekend! :)


lauren said...

Ha! I thought, hey, is that Grandma's dip? I have no recollection of that cake though. I guess I blocked it out. Don't forget sitting on the back porch listening to the Wings' greatest hits! Man now I might have to make that dip...

AJ said...

I know! I started drooling as I was writing about it. I haven't had it in so long. :(

I had such a great time sitting out there all weekend with you guys. Remember Cormac trying to hum "Staying Alive"?? hahahahaha! Who doesn't go right to the instrumental beginning...?

Robert said...

Dang, I guess China's internet filters have some holes. Think about it...Cranial Vault seems to have slipped through.

Recently, China's State Council Information Office said the nation "bans using the Internet to subvert state power and wreck national unity, to incite ethnic hatred and division, to promote cults and to distribute content that is pornographic, salacious, violent or terrorist."

Be very afraid, China, very afraid!

; ^ )

AJ said...

I thought it was Japanese, but the guy/girl is from India, according to my site meter. Weird. It's probably an international virus. :)

Robert said...

The series of dots at the end is a hyperlink to a naughty site (I think...I clicked yesterday but won't again from work). It is some random idiot (likely automated) that puts those kind of links in places like this.

AJ said...

Thank you, guinea pig. Too funny.

Hey, does this count as blogging? This is as close as I seem to be able to get lately to writing on my own damn blog. :(