Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chuck Thursday 4

Dang, haven't written anything since Chuck Thursday 3! I was slammin' busy towards the end of last week and then wrecked my back at our kickball tournament on Saturday. Ever since, I've been AJ on the half shell -- on ice every chance I get. Here's this week's Chucku:

Kickball for children?
We adults scoffed, drank, and played
Then injuries came...

My mom's going to shoot me for sharing this, but I must. She's seen the million pics on my facebook page of me and my friends being goofy and she felt compelled to write:


Could you please stop making faces when your picture is taken. You are such a beautiful woman and I know you like to be funny, but I hate to see that beautiful face distorted. I'm just sayin'!!!!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That's a classic. Thanks, Moo! Love you! :)

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