Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bad blogger, bad!

I just stumbled upon two comments left on here following my blog about Bodhi's surgery way back when. Blogspot doesn't alert me when I get comments, so I had no idea. I feel like such a bad blogger for not checking! One friend requested an update (she's a good friend and coworker and actually knows how Bodhi is doing) and the other is a friend who I think I may have updated a few weeks ago. But just in case.......thank you so much for your concern and I'm sorry I didn't see your comments sooner!

Bodhi seems to be doing well. Unfortunately, all that modern veterinary science has to offer in the way of mast cell tumor prevention is that I have to keep feeling her up to see if I detect any new tumors. Can you imagine if this is what we had to do for breast cancer? Oh wait, this is pretty darn similar to what we have to do.

Sorry, I just got distracted. I have "Hell's Kitchen" on in the background and one of the new contestants just said, "...my dawta's fawtha." AWESOME. Can't wait to hear her tawk some mawr.

OK, I've lost my train of thought and my feet are swelling because I've been sitting on my exercise ball (why, what else would I do with it?) and surfing the net for an hour. Hope everyone has a great evening! Do a Spring dance for me if you think of it. I am ready for some Spring!!!

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Acinom said...

Dood, you can adjust your settings to have it email you. :)

So are you doing BloMo April?