Wednesday, May 14, 2008


And soreness. But just a little bit, for now. You regular readers know I decided to ride my bike to work this morning. Twelve miles round trip, thankyewverymuch! AND having decided to do it, AND having announced it on my blog (readership is up to approximately 10, so you can imagine the accountability pressure), I actually did it! Yes, I'm very pleased. And sweaty. Annnnnd maybe in need of a frozen bag of peas to sit on. Yes, the chatch is a wee bit sore. But that's what I get for not using it more often.

Dear god, my mother reads this thing.

Anyway, it's not too bad as I'm sitting on an exercise ball at the moment. We'll see how it goes tomorrow at work. I'll have to drive tomorrow for various reasons including 1) I'm taking the dog to doggie daycare tomorrow, 2) I have to go to Costco at lunch to get the monthly Birthday Club birthday cake (really, don't ask), and 3) I have to also swing by the vet to get some more meds for my junkie dog. I'm kind of bummed that I can't ride the bike tomorrow. Again, this is said before I assess any muscle soreness tomorrow (the cadaver in my elbow is already expressing some displeasure). I really enjoyed it though. And it was the perfect form of exercise for me: something fun that causes me to exercise without realizing I'm exercising. My legs got a workout from peddling, my arms got a workout from holding on for dear life, and my reflexes got a nice workout from 30 minutes of split second life-or-death auto-vs-bike assessments. Good stuff!

I also peddled on over to the YMCA near work for a lunchtime run only to discover I had left half my exercise clothes airing out in my locker at work. I was temtped to just take another shower (having showered before work but not after my ride to work) but discovered I forgot my combination lock. Since I've had some things stolen from the Judeo-Christian locker room in the past, I decided leaving my iPod, Garmin, and bike helmet unprotected wasn't such a hot idea. I got a nice lunch from the Y's cafe and headed back to work. All in all, a great day.

I can't wait to see how I feel about it tomorrow! :)

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Acinom said...

Gawd I wish I had your motivation and enthusiasm for healthy things!

Congrats on the ride! Are you training for a triathalon?