Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, there's a little turbulence ahead...

I always assumed flying with a hangover was a bad idea and today I proved it. I didn't have a really bad hangover, but there was still some fuzziness of head and turbulence of stomach going on this morning. It didn't help that I set the alarm for 4am since I still hadn't packed as of last night. I decided to crash early and rise early -- though a little later than planned, as I hit the snooze for an hour. My friends Anne and Don were giving me a ride to the airport and I suspected they'd be earlier than planned. And they were.

We flew out of Norfolk on what seemed like a really small plane until I saw our connecting plane. I thought for sure the crew was underneath it winding up a big rubber band whose release would spin the propeller and send us on our way. [Some of you may be too young for that joke]. Our pilot must have been bored, because he aimed for turbulent clouds during the hour-long flight. I once again discovered my ability to meditate and pray at a crucial time. Funny how that works out!

We landed safely and were picked up by the hotel shuttle, driven by a raving lunatic. He seemed sane enough, but his propensity for driving 80 mph down 500 ft. side streets and taking turns on two wheels made me a little suspect. He has NO IDEA how close I came to vomitting on the back of his head. It reminded me of an incredibly nauseating glider ride I took in the early 90s.

We got here, checked out our rooms, and went foraging for food at one of those fake "town centers" that are sprouting up all over the place. They seem to be settled intially by a Funnybone Comedy Club and then the restaurants follow and then Starbucks and then before you know it, someone's being paid to sprinkle a couple pieces of litter around to lend some "authenticity."

We were done eating by 3pm and the prospect of sitting in my hotel room for the next 15 hours wasn't too attractive. Fortunately, this fake town center had a movie theater and Anne and I decided to go see "Coraline."

Anne purchased her ticket first and when she asked for one, the ticket window chick said, "It's $3 extra for the 3-D."


You've got to be kidding.

Nope! Off we went with our Ray Ban-lookin' 3-D glasses. I think the only thing I could do at this point that would be any worse for my stomach/brain would be to hop on one of those spinning tea cup rides. I was really quite concerned that I was going to toss my partially digested tortilla soup on the theater-goers unfortunate enough to sit in front of us.

And I have some history of vomitting on people in front of me, so I know from what I speak...

Fortunately for all, I managed to keep it together. But seriously, what the hell are the odds?? I didn't even know they were making "Coraline" in 3-D! Very enjoyable movie, by the way, especially if you're into the craft of movie making and/or animation.

With that, I'm abso-freakin-lutely exhausted and bid you adieu!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I survived the Polar Plunge once again and we raised over $800,000 for Special Olympics. Thanks to everyone who donated!

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