Thursday, June 27, 2013

Where My Gays At?

Forgive the grammar, I’m channeling my inner Kathy Griffin.

What a day yesterday was!  I watched the decisions come in on SCOTUS Blog and got all choked up alone in my cubicle.  Surely there would be a public celebration later in the day and sure enough, there was.  We had a rally and parade (admittedly the world’s shortest) starting at the Federal Courthouse in Norfolk.  The local paper reported that there were over 100 people there.  Which means it probably skewed closer to 100.  

100 gay people and straight allies.  Subtract out the straight allies and we’re at less than 100 gay people.

In Norfolk, VA.  A military town.  

You can throw a stone at a Sunday softball game and hit more than 100 lesbians.

Where was everyone??

I can glance at my Facebook friends and count off at least42 gay people.  Almost half the number of people who attended the rally.  

None of them were there.  

I realize it may have been short notice and/or people may have been unable to attend for whatever reason.  But all 42?  

Where was everyone?

You are walking billboards for Equality.  You have to come out to events like this.  Your closest friends, family, and coworkers may know youre gay, but what about complete strangers?  Or maybe you’re out and proud all the time.  But it’s a numbers game, ladies and gentlemen.  We need to be seen in public at times like this in greater numbers.  

We are a minority, but we are mighty.  We WILL NOT stand for discrimination any longer.  We must celebrate together and fight together and particularly in Virginia, DEMAND OUR RIGHTS.

PLEASE, get involved.  Many of you may be doing things behind the scenes and that’s great, of course.  I need to get more involved myself.  But exposure is paramount.  We need to be seen so that we will not be ignored.  The next time you hear of a rally, please come.  

And in the meantime, I’ll try to get the organizers to schedule beer and food trucks.  That should help persuade everyone.  ;)

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