Friday, January 16, 2009


I can see I'm going to do really well if I ever attempt writing for profit and am subject to an editor. In the past, I used to send things in to our lab director for a 'weekly activity report' that was issued to the other labs and on occasion, she would edit what I had written. It drove me crazy. I choose my words carefully, I craft my sentences, I try to get specific ideas across in a particular manner at a particular time. So you can imagine I might take any changes to my work -- especially ones I was unaware of until the report was disseminated -- personally.

That being said, if someone is mentioned in my blog and doesn't want to be, I have to honor their request to change it. Unfortunately, this latest example completely removes the basis for my "Love Actually" blog and changes the whole damn thing. But I'm going to try to salvage it in some manner. Wish me luck!

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Robert said...

I had a boss who objected to my use of "plethora" to mean a large amount. He cited the biological definition (which he obviously just looked up). A year later, he began using plethora in what I consider to be the more common usage.

This bonehead used to send an annual e-mail to everyone letting them know that due to Rutgers graduation, there would be heavy traffic in town that afternoon. No joke, his message was something along the lines of "Due to Rutgers graduation, students, their family and friends will be removing books, clothing and other personal items from their dormatories, apartments and other living spaces. This may result in higher than expected traffic volume." And this guy was editing my communications?