Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010: Year of AJ


I really feel like I should write something based on the feedback I've received on Facebook this week, but I'm somewhat torn since so many of you know what I've been up to all week because I've posted it on Facebook! The darn social networking site may be the ultimate demise of my blog!

But then there's Bert. And Mrs. Schmidt. And Gloria. None of them is my Facebook friend and therefore, they don't really know what I've been up to or how I'm doing or the amusing and/or stupid things I've done and thought all week.

So, if you Facebookers will be patient, let me at least get this out of the way for Bert, because I know he'll find it amusing:

What a crazy, wonderful week it has been. A couple fun opportunities landed in my lap and I just had a pretty good time. Did the news thing above out-of-the-blue and then got involved at the last minute on a bar tour volunteer video and overall just spent some quality time with quality people. I'm always amazed and appreciative when the universe knows I'm ready to move on and helps me to that end.

I struggled and procrastinated all week with my first standup comedy assignment and while I came up with some ideas, as usual I wasn't sure they'd work in the end. I wound up just winging it for the most part and damned if the class didn't like it! The teacher even called one bit close to genius and said it would be if I just fine-tuned it a little bit and I've gotta say, that felt pretty damn good!

Things aren't perfect and I'm still trying to extricate myself from The Drama. But I know it will get easier with each day, so I'm just plowing along. One of my best friends has declared 2010 the "Year of AJ" and I think I'm finally willing to give it a whirl. I have to find some way to take care of myself and love myself the way I've always cared and loved others.

Baby steps, my friends. :)

Well, lest this rambly blog resemble nothing more than a diary entry (yes, that still stings a little - lol) or a psychotherapy post, let's see if I can't spin a wee tale...

My mother asked if I was working last Friday and it became evident that she was asking because she was having something delivered to me at work. "Great," I thought. "I'm 40-years-old and my MOTHER is sending me flowers for Valentine's Day!" Still, it was a sweet gesture and once I looked past my patheticalness (look it up) I appreciated the fact that she would do something like that for me.

Alas, I was only working Friday morning but assured her that Anne would get the delivery. Well, Anne was off that afternoon, but I figured her hubby Don would be able to get the flowers. I was home in the afternoon and uncharacteristically answered my cell even though I didn't recognize the incoming number.

"Are you at work today?" a stranger asked.

"Uh....who is this??" I replied.

It was the florist. Looooong story somewhat shorter, he was at the wrong entrance for our building; I gave him correct directions; called Don - discovered he was gone too; and made arrangements with another coworker to get my flowers.

We were closed on Monday, so I didn't see them until 4 days after they were delivered. Still, they had water and should have been fine. Over the weekend, I discovered that my mother had actually sent them out of sympathy for the anniversary of my father's death, which was on that Friday. She sent me a huge tub of popcorn for Valentine's Day. :)

I got in to work on Tuesday and saw the flowers. They were half dead! Hahahahaha! I wasn't sure if it was an accident or by design! My Dad had actually suffered a stroke a couple years before he died and the flowers were lilting to one side... I asked my mother if she had specifically requested leaning, half-dead flowers to commemorate my father's death!

And being my mother and as twisted as I, that dear woman laughed her head off when I asked.

Great week. Great friends. Great Mom.

No, things aren't all as I'd like, but damn they're pretty wonderful as they are. :)


Robert said...

Thanks for looking out for me!

Is there a way to support the pub crawl? I went to the site, and it looked like I could register (but would likely not attend ;^). Hey - if I do register (to support), could you grab my shirt and mail it up? (pushy, aint I)

Robert said...

Smoke'em if you got'em!

Today was day #420 of my "cardio exercise every day" routine. Just thought I would let you know.

(those in in the know will understand ; ^ )

AJ said...

Bert, that's AWESOME!! I'm so proud of you! I meant to give you a little shout-out in my blog, but forgot. Forgive me. I'll brag about you soon -- for this and the bar tour donation. You're the best! :)