Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is a Jolly Holiday Too Much to Ask For??

Well this is just getting ridiculous! A close friend has ended our friendship once again and all signs are pointing to it sticking this time. I have mixed feelings about this since it is by far the unhealthiest friendship I've ever had -- but there are extenuating circumstances and I suffer from the ability to always see its potential, not its reality.

Anyway, it just occurred to me that Voldemort broke up with me on February 2nd five years ago and I was so pissed at the time! Yes, I was upset by the breakup itself, but I was more upset that she had done it on February 2nd -- my maternal grandmother's birthday! I foresaw remembering my grandmother's birthday for the rest of my life (Groundhog Day is a nice little hint just in case) and now I would also remember it as the day the Dark Lord dumped me. Dang it! No chance of my fuzzy memory forgetting that one.

So I couldn't help but chuckle when I just realized that my friend was "dumping me" on the same damn day. Is nothing sacred? Can we stay away from holidays people??

Alas, this is a bit of a trend in my life.

My birthday is at the end of May and often falls on Memorial Day Weekend. So imagine my surprise when my Dad had 3 days of a holiday weekend from which to choose his moving day when he was leaving my mom and me -- and yet he chose my 15th birthday! I can laugh about it now, mainly because it strikes me as absurd, but for many years it hurt quite a bit. Being a guy, I'm sure he didn't think anything of it and wouldn't have done it if he had known it would hurt me, but there it is. So, the birthday suffered for a few years.

Next up was Christmas. The last time I saw my maternal grandfather was in the hospital on Christmas day when I was seventeen. He died 4 days later and I still think about it every year.

And then came Dad again! He died on February 12th and I remember saying to my best friend, Lauren, "Dammit, there goes another holiday!" thinking of Valentine's Day. Lauren responded, "I didn't realize you were so attached to Lincoln's Birthday..."

I feel like there are more, but that seems like enough for me anyhow. I think people should plan their fights and deaths more appropriately. There are only so many holidays in a year -- can't you avoid them??


debfigorito said...


1. 1st husband told me he was out the day I returned home from my grandfather's funeral.

2. #1 me he wanted a divorce on Mother's Day. Mother's Day, for goodness sake!

3. Pop died Labor Day weekend.

4. Gram died Thanksgiving weekend.

5. DFB got caught Christmas weekend. (and 2 weeks before our wedding anniversary)

6. I moved out (from BOTH marriages) ground hog's weekend. (Is there such a thing?)

7. My first divorce took place ON 2/2.

8. First time I "caught" DFB (though I believed the lies at the time) was 2 days before my 40th. (I feel a strange symmetry with Jessica Simpson here.) Lord help me.

I figure I've got Arbor Day left to look forward to.

lauren said...

my father left on Valentine's Day. I broke up with my ex three days before our 8th anniversary, although I doubt he would have known that.

I thought I had a few more, but I guess not.

AJ said...

Deb wins. :)