Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chuck Thursday Ffifteen

Ran out of money!
Cow bank says check goes "bouncy"!
Best things in life FREE...

Yah. Yours truly has finally run out of cash thanks to 2010: The Year of Living Expensively. All the home repairs, car repairs, dog repairs, and -- ahem -- eating and drinking out have finally caught up with me. On a fluke, I phoned Drama Cow's bank to see if the check she gave me back in January (that I said I'd hold until she got back on her feet) was still valid and if there were any funds to support it. Not surprisingly, there weren't. I'm hoping I can parlay this financial karma into a winning lottery ticket.

If I ever remember to purchase a lottery ticket. :)

In the meantime, I've tried to get back out for my lunchtime run and while on one yesterday, I started looking around and itemizing all the wonderful things in my life that are FREE. Feel free (harrrr) to add to the list or just work on one in your own noggin. Chances are if you're feeling down or stressed or whathaveyou, you'll feel much better afterwards. Have a wonderful day, my friends! Sentiments of cheer are free, fyi. ;)

the sun
blue skies
puffy clouds
genuine friends
helping tourists by the Wisconsin (hey, I said I formed this on my run...)
good cheer
postive attitude
deep breaths

Shoot, I know there were more, but I've got to get going! Help me out here...

PS -- The Ffifteen in the title is a shout out to my softball friends and their banquet last week whose entertainment included yours truly and a band called Ffelt. :)


Linda said...

"Cow bank says check goes "bouncy"!" - My favorite Haiku line of all time.

AJ said...

hahahaha -- Awesome!! Your comment and my resultant chuckle-out-loud are also free! :)

sara hill said...

money can't make love.
(or buy backbone.)
thanks, i needed this.

lauren said...

good thing you aren't "dating"

holding hands