Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chuck Thursday Eleven, Twelve, & Thirteen!

Uh, whoops. How's everyone been? Looks like I missed a few. Let's see if we can't review the last 3 weeks in Chucku form...


Getting back on stage
Seemed like good idea at time
Hope I don't crash, burn!


Stand up shows went great!
Have girlfriend, but still no date. :)
Hope this week's show kills!


There was death, all right...
But I'm still smiling like fool!
Thank God for Ash and day job. ;)

And since I've been thinking about this a lot lately, let's go ahead and review a checklist I made a few months ago... (What I Want)

What I Want

Someone who enjoys my company and wants to share activities, thoughts, dreams, etc. with me. CHECK!

Someone who is financially independent CHECK!

Someone who is productive, creative, and fun-loving CHECK!

Someone who seeks and finds balance in life and love CHECK!

Someone who does not take herself too seriously and looks for the humor in life CHECK!

Someone who appreciates me, my efforts, and my love CHECK!

Someone who is not selfish CHECK!

Someone who is her own person but who is open to being in my world and letting me in hers CHECK!

Someone who is faithful CHECK!

Someone who recognizes that new is always shiny and who likes, loves, and respects me enough to work on our relationship (Haven't tested this one yet; but I suspect I already know the answer.....check)

Someone who recognizes her own idiosyncrasies Ditto

Someone who is not a victim all the time OR EVER -- CHECK!

Someone who recognizes that we can and will both be at fault on occasion. Statistically, it can’t always be my fault. :)

Again, not tested; but I already know the answer... CHECK!

Thanks for falling out of the sky, Pea Pod!


Ashleigh said...

Do I have a HUGE SMILE on my face ... CHECK!! :*

AJ said...

Awwwww... (I'm filling in for PJ). :)

lauren said...

wow! I think I need to be filled in.

sara hill said...

this is my favorite blog post of any blog post i've ever read.
like EVER ever.
love is the fucking GREATEST. :)