Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chuck Thursday Fourteen

Kickball starts tonight!
Did it ever stop for us?
Belmont fail, AJ.

Today's Chucku is for those in the know, I suppose. Basically, some of my friends and I played in a summer kickball league, so while our traditional league is starting back up again tonight, some of us fools never stopped playing. And since kickball is a gateway drug to that dirty little secret, karaoke, and yours truly is mildly addicted, I lost a lot of work hours on Fridays this summer.

And now the bell tolls for me.

Looks like I'm working a full day tomorrow which means I'm skipping the big Bel tonight. Sniff... I will miss my frenzied friends and our wonderful waitstaff. sniff.

In other news...

"[Tupac Shakur] always wanted me to smoke weed with him, and I never did it. I wish I did. That's my biggest regret." — Mike Tyson (AP)

Uh...Mike? You bit a man's ear off and THIS is your biggest regret?

You MARRIED Robin Givens and THIS is your biggest regret?

You BEAT Robin Givens (OK, we may cut you a little slack on this one... No, no, it was wrong) and THIS is your biggest regret?

You have a tribal tattoo on your FACE and THIS is your biggest regret?

Man, Tupac must've had some amazing weed....

1 comment:

lauren said...

ha ha. I understand if you concentrate hard enough Tupac will show up since he has been releasing a movie a year since his death. Mike Tyson can still smoke with him if he really tries hard enough.