Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No Dulling that Sheen

Does anyone else think Mel Gibson planted this story?

"Charlie Sheen Found Nude In Restaurant, Screaming N-Word: Report"

Can't you just see him fuming, trying to figure out why Charlie can beat women, go on coke binges, trash cars and hotels, trash women, trash coke while trashing women, yada yada yada and would probably be welcomed with open arms on the Hangover 2 set?

Mel really needs to suck it up and go away. Maybe it's because we don't have audio of Charlie. Maybe it's because this is the way he's always been, this is the way he's always going to be, and any chick dumb enough to hook up with him, well...let's just say she was warned... It doesn't make it right, but even rats in experiments learn to stay away from the electrode pretty quickly.

Anyhoo, the person who should really be pissed about all of this?

Pee Wee.

Was it because it was so gross? So ridiculous? Because he was catering to kids at the time of his arrest? Poor guy STILL hasn't redeemed his earlier fame and is now taking the Pee Wee show to Broadway to try a revival once again.

He does still hold the award for Best Attempt at Re-Entry into Polite Society After Getting Busted Behaving Badly, which I conferred upon him from a distance after he delivered this line at the 1991 VMA's:

"Heard any good jokes lately?"

Funny, but you still nasty, Pee Wee. Good luck!

And Mel, dear Mel, once you establish that you hate, despise, and abhor every human other than white male Catholics, ya kinda limit your audience a little. Charlie still has a few groups to go...

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