Friday, July 17, 2009

Even Educated Fleas Do It

My and Bert's exchange regarding my Swoosie Kurtz blog, with his permission...

Bert: "I don’t feel as if I am qualified to comment on whom I feel could play a good lesbian (and would likely go with hetero guy choices such as Jessica Alba or Jennifer Biel), so I opted not to comment on your recent blog. How is that for restraint?

I was tempted to comment concerning one of my favorite TV lesbian scenes. It was from If These Walls Could Talk, 2. Ellen Degeneres and Sharon Stone were a couple trying to have a baby. In one scene, during the trials and tribulations of trying to get a sperm donor and conceive in vitro, Ellen’s character breaks down sobbing saying something along the lines of “It’s just not fair! Why can’t we just conceive a child together?”

Now, I don’t mean to be insensitive, but I had to laugh. I am not close enough to the issue to fully understand their pain, but a basic understanding of biology brought out the humor for me. Perhaps Ellen was being ironic and intended to inject a bit of comedy into an otherwise tense situation?

Although this example did make me realize one thing...Sharon Stone was a pretty good choice. (I am a big fan of Diane Lane, too)."


AJ: "I've had a crush on Diane Lane FOR.EV.ER. You lost me on Jessica Alba and Jennifer Biel. Too young, too dumbish looking for me...

As for the lesbos trying to conceive......I've actually been there and it really is quite painful. Especially when two heteros can do it at the drop of a hat with no forethought, no love, no this, no that. When you're in love with another person and you want to share that love in the creation of a human being that is half of you and half of her and you -- obviously -- can't, it's really quite painful.

But what's more painful for me is trying to picture Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGeneres as a couple. Doesn't work for me. :)

I kind of like your comments though and kind of like my response -- would you mind if I posted them on my blog?"

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