Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Bam in Bamberger's

I'm tempted to post Bert's comment on yesterday's blog as today's blog entry. I'm sleepy! Instead of hitting the sack early last night, I stayed up watching this week's installment of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Yes, quality television at its finest...

Macy's came up in conversation at work today and it reminded me of an old story.

There was a store named Bamberger's (which was owned by Macy's) in the town next to my home town when I was a kid. I spent virtually ever Saturday of my youth being dragged in and out of various department stores by my mother and grandmother. As an only child, I had to come up with ways to keep myself occupied while they shopped. For you younger readers, there was a time in the far distant past when parents didn't automatically shove toys, handheld video games, and/or food into the hands of children as soon as they entered a store.

I used to climb in and around the racks of clothes at Bam's while Mom shopped. During one particular trip, I was chillin' in the center of a circular rack of clothes and heard some yelling. I popped my head out between the clothes to see what was going on. There was a police officer about two feet away and he was yelling at a girl who had just shoplifted. She was screaming at him and he was trying to arrest her and next thing I know, he took the billy-club in his hand, swung back, and BAM! I got whacked in the eye.

He had no idea I was in the clothes rack and that he had hit me. My mother eventually heard my pathetic whimpering and tracked me down. I remember her bringing me up to the main office to tell them what had happened and don't really remember anyone giving a damn. Of course, it was probably the most ridiculous story they had ever heard and I'm sure they weren't entirely certain what sort of resolution my mother hoped to achieve.

I probably should have talked to my mom about this story before attempting to write it. I really don't remember what happened next. The last time I had my eyes checked (about two years ago) I was told I have "sniper vision," so I guess everything worked out okay.

And now kids get food and games and whatever their little hearts desire while their parents shop. Coincidence?

If I've helped just one person........ :)


glo said...

Was this your first concussion?

Robert said...

Merry Christmas, Craniacs.