Friday, December 12, 2008

Pssst -- we can see you

Open letter to the guy behind me on St. Paul's Boulevard earlier today: your car windows are transparent. People can see you. Specifically, I saw you in my rearview mirror. I saw you finish off a can of what was either a beer or an energy drink. I saw you then maniacally look to your left, to your right, back to your left, up, down, etc. until you stopped suddenly and removed your top teeth, leaving one off-center snaggletooth behind. You then proceeded to stroke, quickly and repeatedly, a small tuft of hair on the front of your head. Your behavior, camouflage clothing, and military tags on your windshield made me nervous.

And all this was in one traffic light cycle.

People, I know this is an extreme example, but I see similar instances every day -- when drivers must forget that we can see through their magic automobile windows. How else to explain the incredibly high number of instances of nose and/or teeth picking?? Thank god we can't see what picking is going on below the dashboard. Folks, if you wouldn't do it in a crowd, please don't do it in your car.

Thank you.

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glo said...

Removed his teeth! I feel ill.