Monday, December 1, 2008

NaBloPoMo, Ho Ho Ho

I'm not sure what's come over me, but I'm signing up for another round of NaBloPoMo. As far as I know, November is the official Mo of NaBloPoMo, but they've expanded to encourage people to continue blogging all year long. I wish they'd come up with some different names for the other months though. If every Mo is NaBloPoMo, it takes something away from November, dontcha think?

I'm not entirely sure I can blog every day in December because of the holidays and such. I'll be at my mom's home in NJ for a portion of the month and blogging with her dial-up internet was trying when I was up there a couple weeks ago. So I'm not promising ye scurvy dogs an' wenches anything! Sorry. I switched my Facebook language to "pirate" earlier today and I'm getting a little confused...

Today's little news tidbit concerns the beautiful and brilliantly funny Tina Fey. Seems she has finally addressed the scar on the left side of her face. I'm sure there's more to this story, but the part she finally shared is that a stranger approached her on her front lawn and sliced her face with a knife when she was 5-years-old.


And now we know why she's a comedian. Her therapist has told her she has the potential to go crazy when her daughter is the same age Fey was when she was attacked. I can totally see that. In the meantime, let's hope she keeps channeling this horrific story into intelligent humor.

Glasses, witty, and emotionally scarred? Oh, she's my kind of girl! Rrrrrrrr. :)


glo said...

I was just about to email you the story about the Tina Fey scar! It's taken a minute - but I think the classroom strikes again!

Robert said...

Glasses, witty, and emotionally scarred? Oh, she's my kind of girl! Rrrrrrrr. :)

I was watching some entertainment schlock yesterday and as part of their "all things Tina" coverage (hey, she is America's sweetheart) they reported that she remained a virgin "well into her 20s". I have no idea why, but it made her even more attractive to me. (well, I have some idea why)