Saturday, December 13, 2008

Non sequiturs I have loved

I got a chance to study one of my toupee curiosities up close and personal the other day. There's a guy here who owns a couple car dealerships (Barton Ford Lincoln Mercuryyyy...World Class!) and does his own TV commercials. He has one of those odd heads of hair that looks like it could be a toupee. Why I'm fascinated by these things is beyond me. But he was in Costco the other day when I was there and I got to do a couple drive-bys to get in for closer inspection. I'm pretty sure it's his actual hair. Bravo, Mr. Barton.

Natalie Cole has another new album out, featuring a NEW! duet with her poor deceased father. I adore Nat King Cole and am listening to him right now. I'm wondering when or if it will strike Natalie as inappropriate to exploit her father's talent for her own gain. I'm pretty sure her last hit album (and yes, I know I keep saying 'album,' but get over it) was "Unforgettable," featuring a NEW! duet with her poor deceased father. So, the title of this NEW! album? "Still Unforgettable"...

I'm off to a holiday party tonight and am annoyed that I can't drink anything, for fear of a DUI check point between my house and my friend's house 30 minutes away. Wouldn't it be far easier to just let us all get tipsy during the month of December and ask all the sober, reliable people to stay off the roads between 11pm and 4am? Then the responsibly buzzed (but probably legally drunk) folks could drive around without fear of a DUI offense and the obliterated professional drunks could crash into each other, thereby thinning the herd...

Time to blow dry and straighten my unruly mane. See you cats later!

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