Friday, December 5, 2008

Tastes Like Chicken?

I know I've been slacking on the stories lately, but they're so looooong and it's cold and I'm laaaaaaazy. Please forgive me. I'll see if I can't knock some out in the next few days... I thank you for your patience during this difficult time. :)

Actually, speaking of difficult times...

I'm in charge of a Social Committee at work that is supposed to raise money and then sponsor work gatherings. Only problem is, most of my coworkers don't want to do anything besides work with each other -- and even that's a stretch on occasion. So the SC has devolved into my buying and selling snacks in the break room, doing a monthly "Birthday Club" cake thing, and maintaining the coffee supplies. Yes, my life is everything I hoped it would be.

I use the profits from the snack sales to buy a bunch of gifts from Costco to raffle off at the yearly holiday luncheon. I decided to get them today and rather than store them in my garage and then load them up again to take to work, I just brought them back to work this afternoon (I'm normally off on Friday afternoons...). When I got there, my good friend Anne had grown a baby! I thought it might be her neice but it was the daughter of our coworkers, Brenda and Arthur. Anne's been sick as a dog for over a week, so I took the baby from her. Brenda had asked Anne to hold her daughter so she could go turn off all her lab equipment. Brenda was supposed to be taking the baby to the doc, but she and Arthur had just gotten horrible news -- Arthur's brother called to say that when their mother didn't show up at work this morning, he went to check on her and discovered her dead on the floor. Horrible. So Brenda and Arthur were running all over the place, getting everything in order so they could leave. Of course, the baby still had to go to the doc...and they have to make arrangements to get to Louisiana. Ah, the chaos of unexpected family emergencies.

And I, in my twisted way, of course went to the following (when Brenda and Arthur weren't around): lord, if I ever drop dead at home, the dog will wind up gnawing off my limbs and no one will think to check on me for days! Shoot, no one even has a key to my house. Or the alarm code! Ack. Another coworker, BJ (who's known for her tact), pointed out that if I should die at home, Bodhi would begin eating my nose because it's the easiest thing to access.

Thank you.

And so, there it is. If you're single and childless as an adult, some day your dog may eat off your nose.

Sweet dreams everyone!

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Acinom said...

LOL! Sick as it may be, I have a bag of catfood up where they can self serve just in case I drop dead for and am not found for days on end... I also made sure my neighbor has a key for just in case. My mom and sis have her phone number in case they don't hear from me for a while (if they go a day without seeing me online something's wrong) Gotta love the single life and having back up drop dead plans!