Monday, October 19, 2009

Communal Shower Etiquette Lesson #1

Let me just take a moment to clear something up for any of my readers who may find themselves in a similar situation. I've been an avid Miss Manners reader for ages and have never seen her address this, so it would be my honor.

When entering a communal shower (for example, at the Downtown YMCA) which contains 7 shower heads -- 4 on one side of the 'room' and 3 on the other -- try to not plant yourself next to the only other person in the shower. It's more than a little skeevy.

Now I understand the other bather's desire to get on the wall of 3 where I was standing. If she's a regular, she knows that the water on that wall gets warmer much more quickly than the other wall because it shares the adjacent steam room's pipes. But seriously, I was the only person in there. Was it really necessary to take the spot immediately next to me?

There's got to be some etiquette book somewhere that would advise leaving a shower head in between each person until it becomes absolutely necessary to fill in. This just seems like common sense to me.

If you crowd me in the shower, I will fight back the only way I know how -- I will place excess shower gel on my puff, lather the hell out of myself, and fling it all over you in the process.

Bert, this is not supposed to be an appealing visual. Stop that.


Robert said...

Ha! Very funny! No - showers at the Y don't conjur up any fantasy notions here.

But your story did make me recall a urinal game played once. The screen had maybe 7 urinals and you had to pick which one to use (it's a guy thing, obviously). On the first go, the bathroom is empty so you take the one furthest from the door - and that is the correct answer. On the next round, that one is you take the one closest to the door to create as much distance as possible. A very silly, slightly homophobic game, but it was funny.

In the Y shower version, you would never take the middle shower on the wall of 3 and never pick one right next to someone else.

Robert said...

I found the urinal game.

Have fun!

AJ said...

See, that's all I'm sayin'! :)

Although I don't condone this behavior between men in a movie theater. Two guys who can't sit next to each other have issues. Unless one or both of them are morbidly obese. Then I'm willing to make an allowance.

Robert said...

I tend to leave space between me and whomever I am with in a theater if there is room...I am just more comfortable that way.

Years back, I took an old girlfriend to see The Freshman with Matthew Broderick. After sitting down, my date excused herself to run to the ladies room. A short while later some guy rushes up, sits right next to me and starts blabbing. "Oh, I hope I didn't miss much! Matthew Broderick is soooo funny. Don't you just love him?" At that point he lets out a big sigh and lays his head on my shoulder.

I recall I stood up and said "Jesus H. Christ!" and walked away. Really, I don't think I have issues...I just appreciate a little personal space sometimes.