Friday, October 23, 2009

She Keeps Going and Going and Going...

Greetings and Salutationzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........

Please forgive me. After not sleeping well Wednesday night and only being in bed for about 5 hours, I had a pretty similar night's sleep last night. My Friend with the Dislocated Shoulder (FWDS) decided to defy medical convention and stay wide awake pretty much all night even though she was hopped up on pain meds. I think I got about 4 hours of sleep and it was pretty shallow since I had one ear perked in her general direction in case she needed anything.

But off we went to run errands and get breakfast at 7 this morning. And she still hasn't stopped. She's pretty much an Energizer Bunny in an arm sling. Picture him thumping that big bass drum with one arm and you get the general idea. I probably shouldn't tease her this much though since I know part of the problem is that her shoulder is so uncomfortable. Hopefully she'll start healing soon and will get some relief.

And as much as I tease her about being an independent, obstinate patient, I am the same exact way -- as my mother can attest to anyone within earshot. My poor mother drove all the way down here to take care of me when I had surgery on my arm two years ago (broken during kickball -- such a dangerous sport!) and I don't think I let her lift a finger to help me the entire time.

But what I did appreciate (and I hope she knows) is that she was here. That she was here if I did need something and that she loved me and cared about my well-being. And that's what I think I did for FWDS. Yes, she could do 95% of the stuff herself, but I think she was relieved to know that someone else was around to help with the other 5% if need be. And I'm really happy that she knew she could depend on me and that she had her friend call me when she was injured.

I wanted to wrap this up with something mildly profound, but I'm fading fast. Have a good night, folks, and keep taking care of each other. It's win-win all around! :)

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Robert said...

They have a holiday open house at our corporate headquartes each year. When I worked there I used to participate and dress up as a character. Usually in a costume with a big head. You would think that over time I would learn my lesson, but invariably I would go out and get tanked on Friday night then have the Saturday hangover from hell sweating inside the big, furry head.

I was the Lion King one year. Linda and I had to go see the movie the day before just in case any kids asked any questions (and they did - I'm glad I saw the movie!). Once cute little girl asked me for my autograph and then told me that my performance in the movie was quite good.

Another year I was Alladin...just an Arabic-looking costume, no big head. I half expected to hear some kid ask, "Mommy, why does Alladin smell like liquor?"

The worst of the hungover holiday celebrations was when I playe the Energizer Bunny. I had to walk around for hours in a big, furry bunny outfit. And they got me a big bass drum. "Boom, boom, boom" went my head, "boom, boom, boom" went the drum.