Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Return of ER on Thursdays

And just when I thought I'd have nothing to write about today....

I was on my way to our very late kickball game tonight when one of my friend's teammates called to say she was in the emergency room. Caller failed to mention WHY my friend was in the emergency room, so I quickly went through the various kickball-related injuries I could think of. Unfortunately, I was on my scooter and had to run home, ditch it, grab the car, and then blow through any number of stop signs on my way to the ER.

Well, Friend dislocated her right shoulder. She had injured it slightly during her game and for some unknown reason, one of her teammates high-fived her as if he was knocking down a tree and popped her damn shoulder out!!

After some nice drugs, two rounds of x-rays, and several hours in the ER, we're home at last. Her boyfriend and I are hovering off-and-on and she's trying to be a good patient, while also asserting her independence, albeit an independence soaked in pain killers.

I was pretty damn impressed with her doctor, though. He bypassed the old "tie a sheet around the victim and pull with all your might" routine and gently finessed her shoulder back into place. I'm pretty sure she'll survive.

As for me, I'm exhausted and mildly worried and fighting my natural tendency to take care of her. Between her self-reliance and her boyfriend's presence, I'm not entirely sure why I'm here. Except that I know I'm supposed to be and I can't imagine being anywhere else. You know me, it's always complicated! :)

Until tomorrow, my friends. Be well and watch out for large kickballers attempting to high-five you -- they can be dangerous!

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Robert said...

Dr. Bert recommends pain medication with a every time. You might get a little rubbery but you can still care for your friend.

I had hernia surgery years back. For reasons I need not get into I worked Friday a.m., had surgery Friday afternoon and crawled into work on Monday morning. By Thursday I realized I had made my point and decided to stay home to rest. My schedule was something like:

-7:00 a.m.: Percoset
-7:05 a.m.: beer
-7:10 a.m.: twist a fatty
-7:15 a.m.: another beer
-7:30-noon: : ^ )

(disclaimer: as I am not a medical professional, this advice should be followed by nobody...except perhaps other very experienced Deadheads)