Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Volvo Day

Very quickly, let's continue where we left off last night. And just for the record, even though this is a continuation of a thought, it counts as today's blog post. Let's not forget that I'm not just being productive this month -- I'm actually embroiled in October's NaBloPoMo, even though I abandoned the theme of "haunted" quite a few blog posts ago....

So the afternoon was fairly quiet. I'd elaborate more on work, but I'm not allowed to... This should make for an excellent stand-up career if I ever start putting stuff together:

Work? Interesting, great stories, some incredibly stupid/funny people... Can't talk about it.

Relationship? Not in one.

Children? Nope.


You see why I'm stuck, don't you?? :)

OK, let's get back on topic, shall we? (As if this little detour was your fault...)

I had to hit Walgreens after work yesterday to pick up a prescription. I took the Vespa on a bike path leading from work, cut through West Ghent, and got spit out a couple blocks from Walgreens. On my way there, a Volvo ran a stop sign and cut me off. As I approached Walgreens, he got stuck waiting for a light and I was pulling up next to him to make the left into the Walgreens parking lot. It was then that I noticed he was digging in his left nostril. Fortunately, his window was open and I was on my scooter, so I was able to yell,

"Thaaaat's right. Run that stop sign! Pick that nose! GIT IT!!" as I turned into the parking lot.

I'm not sure why that brought me so much pleasure, but it did.

I pulled around to the drive-thru. There were two cars in the left lane and none in the right, so I pulled in to the empty lane. The first car on my left pulled away at that moment and the guy who had been waiting pulled up in front of the window. And we sat. I thought for a second they might try to help me first and I was going to tell them that window guy was here first. But I didn't get the chance. We just sat. And sat. And sat some more. We looked at each other. I checked Facebook on my beloved Mildred. We looked at each other again. And sat.

I considered going inside, but I had gotten in a fight with one of the cashier's the last time I brought my backpack in with me and didn't want to go through that again.

After what seemed like 5-10 minutes, someone finally appeared at the window and offered help to dude-man. I heard him say his name and then after a minute or two, the pharmacy worker asked if he had a new insurance card. And that's when he said, "No. It's my Cialis. It's not covered."

I must be five. There's no other reason to explain why knowing he was picking up a prescription for a male enhancement drug would tickle me so. But it did. Maybe it was knowing that he knew that I heard. I don't know. It's just stupid. I'd probably giggle if I had to buy condoms...

And I'm ok with that. More laughter, people. That's my prescription for every day.

So I finally get helped at Walgreens and leave. I'm now making a left at the very same traffic light Nose Picker was sitting at earlier. And I hear, "Excuse me, Ma'am?" from my right.

I've become accustomed to people asking me about the scooter, so I turned and smiled and saw an older woman in a 1970s Volvo (because Volvos outlive their owners 10-1). I was expecting a question, but instead got, "Turn your lights on!"

"I'm sorry?"
"Turn your lights on! You should turn your lights on so people can see you better. I took a class once."
"My lights are on. I can't turn them off."
"Oh. I couldn't see them."

Fortunately, I got the green arrow at that point and was able to turn. I really don't know where we would have gone from there.

Have a great day!

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Robert said...

TMI Alert!!!!

Last visit to the doc, I asked him for a specific medication. Conversation went someting like this:

Doc: Hell, I'll give you whatever you want.
Me: Ok, in that case, how about some Viagra or something like that?
Doc: Having a little trouble are you?
Me: Oh, no, no, no. I'm just curious. I'm thinking more along the lines of occasional recreational use.
Doc: I see no harm in that. I think I have some free samples laying around...

Adult oriented image. Please do not view at work or if you are easily offended.

(I sure hope Michael Jackson didn't ruin things for me!!!)