Monday, November 12, 2012

Elmo's Got Laryngitis!

Hmm...Am I being lulled into a false sense of security?  I'm on the iPad tonight and yet here I am seemingly composing a blog.  I'm sure you're just thrilled with this almost daily update on my abilities to publish my blog on various devices.  If things start working well consistently, I'll move on to a daily report of my bowel movements in order to hold your interest...

Speaking of...

Just kidding.  ;)

So how 'bout that Elmo?  Hee hee hee hee that tickles.


Is nothing sacred?  I am trying desperately to calm my crazy ass down post-election and then this happens.  I was JUST saying to my girlfriend the other day (think we were discussing the Petraeus resignation) that one of the reasons I like Obama is that I believe he's a genuinely good man.  I believe that he is in love with his wife, treats her as a full partner, respects her -- and would never cheat on her.

Please, for the love of Big Bird, can he be the one guy that doesn't let everyone down?

Speaking of...

Poor Elmo.  His voice gets accused of having an affair with an underage young man and Elmo has to sit in a box during his voice's leave of absence.

Disclaimer: I blasted Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, and Penn State all over Facebook and Twitter and would be doing the same about Kevin Clash (the voice o' Elmo) if the situation were similar.  But I believe him when he says his accuser was of legal age when they hooked up.  Which is 17-years-old in New York.

I know, right?  It still seems a little........  Maybe it's because Mr. Clash was 45 at the time.  Maybe it's because he's around children all the time.  Maybe it's because he spends his days with his hand up a puppet's ass.

I don't know.  But legally, it doesn't sound like he did anything wrong.  Here, read this story:

Voice of Elmo Denies Sex w/Underage Boy

And just so we're alllll clear on the matter.  So those of you who have a hankerin' for a young hunk of cheese will know when to keep your distance, herewith the Ages of Consent in Lotsa Places, even though the Wikipedia titles just says "North America."

Have fun! 

Ages of Consent

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