Friday, November 16, 2012

Reverent about My Irreverence

You should know that my reservation in Hell was made long, long ago. That being said, this may get me upgraded, or downgraded as it were...

This is how a story was eked out to me on NPR very early this morning. I wasn't paying complete attention, but heard the gist of it.

"A flatbed truck was hit by a freight train yesterday in Texas.

The truck was operating as a float in a parade.

The float was carrying 20 Wounded Warriors when it was hit."

See? It sounds sick as I'm writing it, but I'm just twisted enough that I had to suppress an inappropriate grin as I realized what had happened.

I'm sorry for everyone involved, but COME ON.


[Before everyone starts yelling at me, I've supported Wounded Warriors and the USO over the years, so I'm not COMPLETELY callous. Just situationally, apparently.]

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