Thursday, November 1, 2012

No Shave NaBloPoMo!

Wow.  That just took far too much work.  Seems my blog doesn't like my iPad and wouldn't let me sign on.  So here I am on one of those old fashioned laptops.  I'm Amish Blogging tonight. 

Is it a bit of jealousy?  Does my blog know that one of the reasons I've neglected it so much is that my attention has wandered to my iPad?  The iPad that was obtained partially with the hope that I'd write more? 


So there she sits.  With her nifty bluetooth keyboard.  Just like a laptop...  Though useless for the next 30 days of NaBloPoMo.  Or is it 31?  Thirty days hath September, something something something.  That's all I know.


Yes, friends, it's November.  And as some of you know, NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month, in which 25% of the nearly 83% of the human population who currently have a blog of some kind vow to post an entry every day for the month of November.  It doesn't sound that difficult, but you'd be surprised.  Clearly quality is not an issue as you've probably ascertained already, but still, just finding the time to bang on the ol' keys can be a problem.  I failed last year, but I don't even remember why.

Which is one of the reasons that this year I'm considering combining NaBloPoMo with No Shave November!  Whaddya think?  Can I grow out these mutton chops to their full potential?  End the month looking like I'm smuggling a member of ZZ Top in my pants?

Perhaps this would be a good time to point out that I'm female.

And in my forties.

So I've already begun the process of sprouting unacceptable quantities of hair in strange places. 

Seems win-win to me.  Perhaps a photo each day?  Maybe a comparison to hirsute women through time?  "Today I was all Frida Kahlo."  "I'm hoping for Gertrude Stein legs by the 10th..."

This NaBloPoMo is gonna be a BREEZE.  Right through my righteously fluffy upper thigh hair.


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