Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Thanksgi--

"Then," said the Pilgrim mothers, "let us have a great Thanksgiving party, and invite the friendly Indians, and all rejoice together."

So they had the first Thanksgiving party, and a grand one it was! Four men went out shooting one whole day, and brought back so many wild ducks and geese and great wild turkeys that there was enough for almost a week. There was deer meat also, of course, for there were plenty of fine deer in the forest. Then the Pilgrim mothers made the corn and wheat into bread and cakes, and they had fish and clams from the sea besides.

The friendly Indians all came with their chief Massasoit. Every one came that was invited, and more, I dare say, for there were ninety of them altogether.  They brought five deer with them, that they gave to the Pilgrims."*

Then three of the Pilgrim mothers and four of the Pilgrim fathers excused themselves and headed for their Thanksgiving shift at Target.


My girlfriend mentors three little boys who are being raised by their relatives who have a difficult time making ends meet.  Girlfriend purchases what she can for them, but she doesn't have much disposable income herself.  So there are lots of discussions about the difference between Wants and Needs.  And the boys, all under the age of twelve, completely understand the difference between the two.  Perhaps they can give a master class on the concept to the folks who spent approximately $52 billion on Black Friday last year.  

Last time I checked, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy weren't running specials on oxygen tanks, ventilators, apartments, or food for Black Friday.  And what are we calling the sales on Thanksgiving?  Is it Brown Thursday in keeping with the color of a roasted turkey? has occurred to me that maybe some of the employees required to work on Thanksgiving are actually looking forward to an escape.  "Hey, I'd love to clear the table and do the dishes, but my shift starts in a few minutes."  If that's true, well then, good on them.  Their secret is safe and since it's not likely shoppers will stop trampling each other to obtain that 362-inch must-have TV or whatever gaming system Obese Johnny needs this Christmas, there's a Nativity Scene's chance in a Federal Building that these stores will stop encroaching on Thanksgiving.  

So maybe skip the turkey this year, Target employee.  That tryptophan placebo effect is gonna make you mighty sleepy during your shift!  

*From The First Thanksgiving by Nora Smith

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