Sunday, November 25, 2012

Toto, You Don't Smell Like Vomit Anymore!

I spent the better part of today doing laundry, knitting, and preparing myself mentally for re-entry into My Normal Life after a few days out of town. So if you're looking for something interesting, keep walking. :)

We arrived home late yesterday from our Thanksgiving trip to three breathing dogs, which was our primary goal. Our teenaged dog-sitter and her friend were gone, replaced by evidence of a Category 1 teenager tornado and an all-consuming odor of sour dog vomit -- whose source we could not locate. Thus began a few chaotic hours of sniffing, searching, scrubbing, vacuuming, and mopping.

And yet, 24 hours later, trace amounts of sour dog vomit smell persisted. It seemed to be localized to the little brown dog, but since she isn't one to throw up, we're still not entirely sure what happened. The larger spotted dog has been known to toss some yellow bile on occasion, but to my knowledge has never tossed it directly on the brown dog nor has the brown dog rolled around in it.

Brown dog just got a bath and the smell is finally gone.

A nanny-cam has been added to my list for Santa.

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