Thursday, November 6, 2008

Haiku Thursday!

According to Monica, Thursdays are Haiku Days, though you'll note she did not actually post a haiku today (5 Cats Shy). I hope this isn't some sort of blogger joke at my expense...

Since it's 9:40 pm and I just got home wet and cold from a kickball game in the rain, I've decided to follow Monica's fake lead and compose a haiku. Um... About... Let's see.............. Well, I'm just going to wing it. And I'd LOVE if all of you commented with your own haikus!

Last night of kickball
Rain and mud plus swampy fields
Thank goodness for beer

Well, that just brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it?? This poetry thing just isn't so hard. Wonder why all those goth teen girls are so tortured about it all...? Must be the hormones.

Anyhoo, a return to...Your Daily Moment of Schmidt. It seemed crass to post anything yesterday. What with that BIG. HONKIN'. LOSS. !!!!!!! :)

Daily Moment of Schmidt:

Dickipedia: Steve Schmidt

Thanks to Lauren for the link!

Hi Mrs. Schmidt!


faitheroo said...

Here's my Haiku, which was composed on a Tuesday...does it still count? ;)

Dear Steve, did you think
women waited for decades
for f***ing PALIN?!?!

justbeachy said...

Any chance Mattel will produce Wasilla Barbie in time for Christmas? I promise you will not have to climb into the back of a truck to procure one for me...