Wednesday, November 12, 2008


What I failed to tell you earlier, dear readers, is that part of the reason my weekend of illness threw everything off is because I was driving up to New Jersey on Tuesday (yesterday) to surprise my bff on her 40th birthday. I had a TON of things to do on Sunday to prepare for the trip but spent the day on my couch instead. I played hooky from work on Monday and got most of my errands done. I drove up to the Jersey Shore yesterday morning, stayed with my mom overnight, and then headed up to Lauren's today. So after a couple days of ulcer, ovarian cyst, and crushed career ambition, it was all worthwhile when Lauren opened the door and said, "Are you f*cking kidding me???"

My original plan was to bust out some AJ/Lauren stories of yesteryear in celebration of her birthday, but I'm sitting in her dining room right now and should probably cut this short and socialize with her and her hubby [author of the new book you should purchase, The Forgotten History of America: Little-Known Conflicts of Lasting Importance from the Earliest Colonists to the Eve of the Revolution].

So I bid you goodnight with this little Daily Moment of Schmidt:

I received this email from an old friend: "I always will remember the time Mike B. spat a mouthful of Cheetos into Steve's face during lunch one day because Mike was sick of listening to Steve drone on about something. (Mike had an odd way of dealing with people he didn't like sometimes.) Steve sat there stunned and then literally shivered in disgust/horror and ran off without saying anything."

Hi Mrs. Schmidt!


Ethan said...

Who is Mike B? Check out my blog at

glo said...

crushed career ambition? really?