Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sweet Dreams, Old Friend

Reading the comics this morning was bittersweet as I was forced to say goodbye to yet another cherished friend. He had me at "hairy fishnuts" and I spent many wonderful years with him, Bill, Milo, Binkley, Oliver Wendell Jones, Steve, Cutter John, Portnoy, and Hodge-Podge. Oh! And Lola Granola and the Basselope...and so many others. I had wanted to do a more thorough stroll down memory lane, but Berkeley Breathed's website has been down all day (on purpose?) and I wasn't able to find my favorite strips. So for today I'll just do one of the first.......and the last. Goodnight, Opus. I'll miss you...

Goodnight Opus

Hi Mrs. Schmidt!


Acinom said...

Ok I think I missed something? What happened to Opus?

In other Steve Schmidt news, I happened upon this blog today and thought you'd like the Limerick a few posts down :)

Robert said...

I am not really that familiar with Bloom County & all things related, but I feel unusually saddened by this. Though the final panel should be comforting.

Maybe it's jet lag.