Monday, November 3, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Election 2008

I'm having computer issues this evening, so I hope I can bang this blog out before the darn thing crashes again. (Go Vista! Grrrrr).

So here we are. Twenty-four long flippin' months later, it's the night before the 2008 Presidential election. Thank God for small favors. I don't think we could really take it that much longer. And we need at least one day of rest before everyone gets all fired up again about who won, who lost, their transition team, their Cabinet appointees, oh good grief!

It seems that everyone has really gone out of their way to remove race from the election (as it should be). Well, I suspect it's been mentioned quite a bit in the Right Red states, but probably not within earshot of us bleeding heart Liberals. If you're going to be a bigot, at least have the decency to be proud to be a bigot. You're ignorant, you're here, and you're not going anywhere!

Anyhoo, the reason I want to bring race into it is because I can't help but wonder what impact a black United States President will have on the black community. I'm wondering as a caucasian female, so I'm an outsider on that front. But even from over here, I have to assume that this will be monumental. For a country that has oppressed black people since its inception to elect a black person as its leader has to be a tremendous sense of validation. And now black families everywhere can tell their children that yes, you really can grow up to be the President of the United States. (Girls, you'll have to wait just a bit longer). It's no secret that black boys and men suffer from some of the greatest stereotypes in this country. In many instances, society treats them as if they're disposable. Far too many don't even make it to adulthood or if they do, they're uneducated and/or incarcerated at a disproportionate rate. Granted, personal responsiblilty does come into play to some extent. But if you never see the top of the well, how can you possibly climb out?

I know there are plenty of decent role models in the black community, but I'm really looking forward to the most high profile role model that community has ever seen: President Obama.

And now, your Daily Moment of Schmidt

A Mavericky Limerick!

A "maverick" named John McCain

Said he wanted a clean campaign

But he hired Steve Schmidt

So that plan went to shit

And his poll numbers went down the drain

Hi Mrs. Schmidt!


glo said...

I like November and limericks.

vernond369 said...

Glad you enjoyed that! Your blog is very entertaining, and cost my workplace a valuable forty-five minutes to an hour of their valuable time. Hi, Mrs. Schmidt!