Sunday, November 20, 2011

'Cause We Need a Little Christmas

Girlfriend and I, in preparation for our first Christmas together, have been discussing the age-old question:

Fake or real Christmas tree?

I haven't managed to have a tree of my own in many years thanks to my travelling to NJ every Christmas to spend the holiday with my mother. It never made sense to me to have a live tree, since I'd just be leaving it to die once I left town. It looks like I may be staying in town this year for at least part of the Christmas holiday (and that's another blog topic on its own), so I'm very excited about having a tree and decorations this year.

I'm rooting for a live tree, complete with the evergreen smell of my childhood Christmases.

Girlfriend is rooting for this:
OK, that might be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. G's arguments against the live tree are that she's a bit of a neat-nik and doesn't want to vacuum up pine needles constantly. I pointed out that you can get tree condoms that sit below the tree and are pulled up for neat disposal at the end of the season and that as long as the tree is alive, the needles shouldn't be an issue. She argued that her tree already contains lights; I said I'm an expert light-stringer and would be happy to do it. Her tree already has a stand; I can get one. Her final argument is that her tree is environmentally friendly. I'm not sure what part of non-biodegradable plastics is environmentally friendly.

Live trees. Putting the pagan ritual in a Christian celebration since the 1800s.

Won't you help us decide? We're open to your opinions on this matter.

Unless you choose the fake one. ;)

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lauren said...

I think you should have a tree.