Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Soupcon of Soup's On

I heart when the blogs write themselves. Especially during NaBloPoMo. What I heart even more is when one of my friends writes the blog for me!

Hold that thought…

Some of us at work are convinced that Scott Adams is in fact one of our coworkers. If you remember, I told you yesterday that the Big Bosses are Big Brothering our internet access – basically, they’re keeping track of who’s online, what sites we’re visiting, and how long we’re online. After announcing this new activity, they then said in the same breath that we should enjoy increased internet speeds thanks to the reduced traffic.

Irony, thy name is IT.

Scott Adams, thy name is coworker:

Back to my friend-induced blog post…

Bert emailed me a few weeks back to announce the arrival of fire, wine, and soup season in New Jersey and to alert me to a certain opera singer’s voice being used in a Bertolli commercial. The commercial can be seen here:

Bertolli Soup Opera

My affinity for one of the singers can be explained here:

The Opera Singer

Be sure to read the comments afterwards for one of life’s happy little coincidences.

And now, we’re done with NaBloPoMo Day 2. Thanks, Bert!

To be continued…

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