Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pre-Race Goodness!

Wow. I really need to run some of this off during the half marathon tomorrow!! Or, The Long Stroll, as I like to call it. Tomorrow's my first training run for the Shamrock Marathon. :)

Gotta start somewhere!

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Bert said...

I did a 5K this morning. I was shooting for <25 minutes and was happy with my 25.14 (it was immediately after my my standard 1 hour of elliptical/bike cardio, so my legs felt a little heavy).

I saw a girl who appeared to be about 8 (she later told me she is 11) at the starting line. I said to my wife "there's my competition...I bet she will blow my doors off!" I was only kidding. Well, she jumped out in front of me at the start and never looked back. She told me later that she finished in 24.05. I love seeing youngsters out there performing really well.