Friday, November 4, 2011

Danke Schoen

Girlfriend and I are training for a half marathon. That's taking place in a week. For which training started approximately one day ago. :/

Now Girlfriend appears to be a natural runner and an extreme oddity -- someone who actually enjoys running -- so this almost complete lack of training probably won't affect her much. She'll have a great run and a great race (that's code for how long it takes to finish), while yours truly will be sucking wind and eventually enjoying a long stroll, forgetting that she's supposed to be running a race...

Anyhoo, we were running yesterday and while Girlfriend was running at a chipper little pace, I was running through quicksand while wearing concrete boots. Knowing I wouldn't make it all the way through our course before dark, I turned around and decided to catch her on the back side of the loop. And I did. Rather, I saw her zip by on the perpendicular while I was about two blocks away. So I Ferris Buellered my way through a wooded area, a school, and a library before finally catching up with her.

Once my labored breathing subsided and I regained the ability to speak, I made my Bueller reference and realized she didn't understand -- she had never seen the movie.

So you know what we're doing right now, dontcha?

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

Have truer words ever been said?

Danke schoen, Ferris Bueller. Danke schoen, John Hughes.

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Bert said...

My normal run is 4.79 miles. I am no speed demon, usually coming in between 41 & 43 minutes. I recently go curious about breathing and read this:

I experimented on my elliptical and stationary bike and got good results (perhaps placebo effect as I was trying to improve performance?). Today I tried it for the first time on a run. I came in at 39:00...and that included running in place for 30+ seconds at red lights! I am going to continue working on the breathing to see where it gets me.