Sunday, November 22, 2009

Every Picture Tells a Story

What started as a great weekend has kind of devolved into my getting cranky and having a headache, so I'm not in a storytelling mood. Fortunately, yours truly and her faithful companion were in a picture accompanying a story of yesterday's donut run in our local newspaper this morning. Enjoy!


Dana said...

This is awesome! How often do you guys run together and what skill level do you have to be? haha

Robert said...

I'm not so certain I agree with how the Underground Running Society event was set up. I weigh in the low 180s. You? Not so much. If they said "1 donut for every 30 pounds of body weight" then I would eat 6. You? Not so many. THAT would be fair.

Blog suggestion (if I may be so bold): more Bodhi! I can think of at least one eager reader who might be interested in knowing how you two met, how he got his name, perhaps a picture or two. I think it is great that you included him in your run (my apologies if he is a her...that's an example of how little I know!).

Here is a "Happy Thanksgiving wish from Buddy-girl and Paddy-boy!

AJ said...

Hi Dana,

We don't actually run as an organized group or anything. I know about half the folks from running over the years. If you're on FB, you can join us and you'll know about our upcoming "races." Just look for Underground Running Society. :)

Oh -- as for skill level? Any and all. No one is too fast or too slow. :)

AJ said...

Thanks for the Bodhi stories request, Bert. She's flattered, even though you didn't know her gender. :)

Great pic of your kids! :)