Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Tales from the Communal Shower

I made my triumphant return to the YMCA over lunch today and had a pretty good run. I've lost some weight recently and am actually running much faster than I should for the amount of running/conditioning I've done. Consequently, I can't really maintain the faster pace for very long. I kept telling myself to slow down over and over again so that I could get a longer distance in. Too funny. I have to really kick in my marathon training soon, so this could be interesting!

I got back to the Y after my run and was happy to be the only one in the communal shower. Please see Communal Shower Etiquette Lesson #1 for my earlier views on this matter.

Anyhoo, I was alone in the shower until a rather large woman walked in. And planted herself immediately next to me!! Once again, she had five other shower heads to choose from... Had I not already pushed mine off to the left a little bit, we would have definitely been crashing into each other during the course of our showers. WTF??

I began composing this little rant in my head and finished my shower. Just as I was turning off my faucet, another woman walked out of the steam room. I walked across the shower room to get my towel and began to towel off -- just in time to notice her turn on my shower head and start showering in my spot -- where my toiletries and puff were still present!


So I then had to walk over to this lathered up woman (again, of a hefty sort) and say, "Uh, excuse me, can I get my stuff?"

To which she responded, "Oh, it's OK..."

Gee, thanks for forgiving me for disturbing you!

What in the hell?

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lauren said...

I would just stop showering there.
But that is just me.