Friday, November 13, 2009

Neither Christmas, Nor'easter

Ah, where to begin.............

Well, my head hurts a little bit. It's still raining here and the wind is blasting by every so often. It's the storm that doesn't know when to leave.

I finally looked under my house a couple hours ago and was more than a little shocked to see several feet of water -- especially since the crawl space is only several feet high. I'm a little surprised the water didn't start coming up through the floorboards! All I could think of was the retractable gym floor that reveals a swimming pool during the dance scene in "It's a Wonderful Life." I was tempted to go in the house, cut out a hole in the floor and start fishing.

I'm a little worried that my heating unit -- which has been submerged under water for who knows how long -- won't be operational even after I get all the water out. This would change my To Do list a little bit. The two leaks that sprung up during the storm helped me re-org the list as well. So theoretically, we're at: move heat pump, new roof, new windows, siding.

Does anyone happen to know of an elderly gentleman with quite a good deal of money, preferably in ailing health, with a penchant for tomboys??

I seem to have thrown a wrench in my personal life as well yesterday. It was a perfect storm all around. I just wonder when I'll truly understand myself and my motivations. I seem to see through everyone else pretty clearly and have such a low tolerance for BS but am a mess when it comes to myself. So it sucks for me that I've got a good friend of mine who can apparently see through all of mine. And by "sucks" I mean, "she calls me out on stuff." Ultimately, that's a good thing, but it makes me nauseated in the meantime. Hopefully I'll learn from all of this and she won't give up on me.

Guess that's it for now. They're insisting we play our kickball tournament tomorrow, so I have to run out early to get propane for my portable grill that is almost certainly going to sink into the mushy, muddy earth at the kickball fields. You'd think it was the Olympics for crying out loud. Half the league's members are without power or flooded in or out of their homes, but dangit, we're going to play some kickball!!

Until tomorrow, my friends.................


glo said...

Okay - I'm catching up on your blog. I forgot all about NaBloPoMo or whatever it's called. Anyway, when I got to your blog there were 5 ads - one for Swatch, 3 for the Smurfs, and one for 1970's tv. And I am just too tickled by it! That describes you so well! Nice photo of you running from the Smurf, by the way.

Robert said...

Does anyone happen to know of an elderly gentleman with quite a good deal of money, preferably in ailing health, with a penchant for tomboys??

Oh my God - you have described me exactly! Well...except for the fact that I am not really elderly...and I don't quite have a good deal of health is pretty good and I am happily married...but otherwise, that is me!

There was a time before I met the lovely Mrs. Hickson that I had a similar fall-back plan. Just prior to retirement, I would approach a fair young maiden and work out a type of agreement in which I would offer my lifetime pension/medical benefits in exchange for some basic services (light cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc..."etc." being a critical element ;^).