Friday, November 27, 2009

Queen o' Procrastination

Totally unproductive day. Hate days like this. Was supposed to be cleaning my tornado-victim house but only managed to futz around, do some laundry and drill through my DVR'd shows.


I'm supposed to go to the movies tonight, but part of me thinks I should go to bed early, get up early tomorrow morning, and try again...

My last frustration was finding a photo I wanted to scan and blog about, but I was having internet issues again and could neither scan nor blog.


Hope you all had a better day!

Until tomorrow...


Robert said...

Recap from my Monday comments: I just googled to find out that 10 kilometers = 6.21371192 miles...Based upon current performance, I should be able to pull it off in about 57.558594627368421052631578947368 minutes (approximately). Dang. I don't know if I have that in me - but I will try and report back.

Update: I mapped out a course that is approximately 6.25 miles and hit the road at 8:30 this morning, completing the run in a time of 56:36.52. I'm not a speed demon, but I churned out the distance. Around mile 4 I felt great. Around mile 6 I was done. I can absolutely feel the extra mile & a half tagged onto my normal weekend run.

I'm glad I did it. I like the challenge.

AJ said...


I knew you could do it!!! That time is awesome, btw. I see a half marathon in your future...... :)

Robert said...

What are you doing September 5, 2010?

; ^ )

AJ said...

I'm already registered. :)

Come on down!

Robert said...

I see a couple of 5K races locally. Maybe I will try a few of those first. There is one in Metuchen next Sunday, another in New Brunswick in the middle of December. (heck, it looks like if I don't mind driving for an hour, I could do one every weekend!).

It looks like a lot of them are fundraisers and I just don't like to hustle folks for cash. I hope they don't mind runners who pay the entry fee but don't participate in the fund raising part.

AJ said...

Well I certainly hope not, since I never pay more than the entry fee! :)