Saturday, November 21, 2009

Turn on Your Hot Light

Has anyone else noticed that Bert has been suspiciously quiet this week? I'll have to shoot him an email...

Today was the big 2nd Annual Krispy Kreme Invitational here in Virginia Beach. I missed the first one two years ago and then last year's didn't happen because the organizer had some pithy excuse -- he was running from Maine to Florida to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House...

Anyway, I was very excited to be able to participate this year and more than a little nervous. The rules were simple enough: start at Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach. Run approximately 3 miles (it was more like 2.2-2.4) to the Krispy Kreme store (home of the infamous "Hot Donuts Now" sign). Purchase and eat 6 glazed donuts. Run back.

Runners could gain advantages by eating additional donuts and/or drinking pints of milk. However, any runners caught puking would be assessed a penalty.

Hence my nerves. I was pretty much convinced that I was gonna be a puker.

And now I can say that I'm a little disappointed that I didn't. Outside of dodging speeding cars while running across six lanes of traffic on a major thoroughfare and almost losing my dog (Bodhi ran with me!) in some primordial ooze underneath an overpass, the event was pretty darn tame. I did find myself stroking my belly and apologizing to it over and over again for the first hour after the race's completion.

To give you an idea of just how awful I felt, I didn't go out with everyone afterwards for beer.

I know!!

Tommy (the organizer) sent an email out earlier saying our next event is going to be a scavenger hunt and I know we've discussed a beer/hot dog run. I'm thinking we might be able to give the Nathan's hot dog eating contest a run for its money! Competitive eating events are sooooo boring. Throw some running in there!!


lauren said...

As long as the scavenger hunt doesn't include picking up things roadside and eating them then running 6 miles...whoa!

Robert said...

I'm around...just haven't had much to say I guess.

Waiting at the barber shop yesterday, I read a rather interesting article in GQ about ARAs (Ayn Rand Assholes). My favorite part: Then meet Michael Malice. No, really. That's his name. He's a New York City author and blogger who calls himself both a genius and an "elitist anarchist." What's that mean? It means that if a panhandler asks him for a little money or food, Malice says, "I could, but then you might live longer, so you see my dilemma." That there is some funny stuff!

The web page takes forever to load, but it is a fun read: