Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two X Chromosomes, No Waiting

Holy unrecognizable Jennifer Grey on New Adventures of Old Christine, Batman!

Sure, we've all known about her disfiguring nose job of many moons ago, but now thanks to some apparent Botox and over-tweezing of the eyebrows, I would not have known her were it not for her voice! Poor Baby...

This is going to be a hodgepodge, my friends.

A female coworker posited the following earlier today:

FC: "Jerry, I have a question. I need a man's opinion."
AJ: "Then why are you asking Jerry??"
FC: "Why is it men think it's appropriate to send pictures of naked women to other women?"
AJ: "I have no problem with that!"

This started a lively debate and by debate I mean, a bunch of wisecracks from me, Jerry, and Luke.

When the dust settled, we found out the real question should have been:

FC: "Is it appropriate for my brother-in-law to send me pornographic photos via text?"

Yes, seriously. Ah, good times!!

I helped out a friend today by babysitting her friend's daughter for about an hour while she had a doctor's appointment. Since it was a girl-child, with whom I almost certainly had nothing in common, versus a boy-child, with whom I not only have much in common but a lot of practice, I decided to shore up my entertainment reserves. I dug up some construction paper and markers and colored pencils and Jerry offered me a deck of cards. He suggested we play Go Fish and I had to admit that I didn't know how to play.

Yah, the joys of being an only child...

I have a vague memory of maybe my mother or grandmother playing Go Fish with me when I was really young, but I guess this is a skill set I just didn't retain. So around 4 o'clock this afternoon, Jerry, Anne, Don, and Leslie were teaching me how to play Go Fish. And I couldn't help but laugh when I had to ask follow up questions and ask them to repeat certain things. Who knew the game was so complicated?? How the hell do children learn how to play this thing?

Fortunately, the babysittee was quite content to play with some Legos at the doctor's office and then draw. We banged out a couple of hand turkeys (mine had a pink polka dot bikini which babysittee decided to copy on her second pass) and the time flew by. As best I can tell, she didn't know I was terrified of her. :)


justbeachy said...

You need to have your amnesia monitored. Your grandmother, father and I all played Go Fish with you, as well as Old Maid and War. You need to wear a Medical Alert bracelet stating: Insufficient Memory At This Time.

AJ said...

I can't believe you successfully signed on just to give me crap about my memory! :P

Perhaps the killer games of Michigan Rummy with you and Grace (stack the discard pile, pick up the whole thing) or the play-for-world-domination games of Monopoly with Daddy caused me to block out the memories of kinder, gentler games... :)