Monday, November 16, 2009

Toll Ahead! (What else would you expect from a Jersey girl?)

Have you guys been checking out the Google ads that pop up on the left side of the screen? They're generated by the content of my blogs (in case you haven't figured this out yet) and I have to laugh because the greater majority of the ads this week have been for mold and mildew removal.

Google knows I have a flooded crawl space!

My other recent favorites include ads for Swatch watches, Smurfs, and 70s television. Google, you may be my soul mate. :)

Gloria was under the impression that something had to be purchased through the ads in order for me to receive payment. This is in fact not true! All you fine folks have to do is click on those things and I get some semblence of payment. They won't disclose how much, so I'm assuming it's pennies per click. But, if you're so inclined, click away. I'm unsure of Google's screening, so be careful. I'd hate for anyone to contract a computer virus because of my greed. :)

This reminds me (albeit obliquely) of the brilliant idea I had while staying at my grandparents' house as a child. I tacked an envelope up on the bathroom door with a note indicating that it cost 10 cents to use the facilities. And my dear, dear grandfather, God bless him, paid to use his own bathroom. I can only imagine what he was muttering under his breath as he jingled the change in his pocket looking for a dime. Come to think of it, that incredibly kind and loving man, who had a never-ending amount of patience for me (which I unfortunately only realized in retrospect, after he was gone) probably put ten dimes in for each visit.

If you've ever seen the movie "Arthur," my grandfather bore a strong resemblence to John Gielgud's character in speech, mannerisms, and attire. My grandfather was known to wear a shirt and tie to mow the lawn. We have some pictures of him in the 70s when he fell victim to plaid pants and jackets and white belts and shoes, but for the most part he was one dapper dude.

Quick witted, a bit of a beer lover, and well spoken. It's been an honor to share his birthday and name. :)

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