Friday, November 1, 2013

NaBloPoMo 2013

"Did you really just ask my permission to write during NaBloPoMo?"

"Yup.  Because I'm WHIPPED."

"...because NaBloPoMo DOES blow..."

And with those encouraging words from my Significant Other, so begins another National Blog Posting Month.


The best of friends teach us things about the world and ourselves that we don't necessarily know.  I was told a long time ago that as an adult if I could count five true friends on one hand that I was rich indeed.  

I attended two friend gatherings tonight.  The first was a birthday dinner for a good friend and although my SO was home sick, I went without her.  Which was an excellent call since I've developed quite the reputation as a bailer since I've stopped playing kickball!  I was seated next to an old friend who, through no fault of her own, I felt the need to delete from Facebook a while back.  

Oh, that Facebook.  It may be the end of civilization as we know it.  

The reason I deleted this particular friend (and I mean lower case, f, friend in real life) is because she was associating with people I found to be insincere and undesirable in my life.  

And some of those people are causing her some grief now.

What a leap it is to trust ourselves and listen to that inner voice that tells us we can do better -- but still holds us accountable for our own behavior and thoughts.  It's a balancing act. 

The true friends will show up.  I'm guilty of not doing that for every event, but I try to show up when necessary.  I hope that my friends know I love them and will lend them an ear and will be there when they truly need them -- or will notice when they need help before they even do.  

We all talk about each other to some extent.  We all have our tics and 'isms.  But as I said to a friend tonight, I know that my real friends talk about me without maliciousness.  And I them.  

I wish the best for my friends.  They're good people, who struggle sometimes, and have somehow seen some worth in me.  I'll never take that for granted and I'm thankful.

~ This blog post is weak and was written after several glasses of wine.  There's no guarantee these will get better, but I felt full disclosure was necessary.  :)

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