Monday, November 25, 2013

Color My World

So...we're painting again.

Where we = my girlfriend.  

I'm not sure where you and I left off, dear readers.  We painted the kitchen, dining area, living room, and hallway Lime Light and liked it for about 4 minutes after the job was completed.  Somehow, what was a subtle shade of gray in the living room turned into a tropical Jimmy Buffet turquoise in the hall.  

So that had to go.  


Pensive Sky.  

Here's the progression, for anyone who's been paying attention:

We started with the sage-esque Clothesline Fresh on the left, moved to the inexplicably turquoise (??) Lime Light in the middle, and have now embraced fan-favorite, Pensive Sky.

As you can imagine, the walls are starting to close in on us.  I'm sorry I didn't think to add insulation to the paint because by now we'd have one toasty home for these 20-degree nights.  I never thought when we were choosing a color and I said (repeatedly as it turns out), "It's just paint -- if we don't like it, we'll paint it again!" that we'd be doing so multiple times within just a few weeks.  

I'm pretty much amused at this point.  I had my house for 8 years and the only thing I painted was the living room, in an ill-chosen Smurfish blue, and not well.  

I tried to convince Girlfriend to let me paint over the upcoming 4-day weekend, but she wanted to get it done now.  She is truly the yin to my lazy ass, procrastinating yang.  So do what you need to do, honey.  It's just paint -- if we don't like it, we'll paint it again!  


Bert said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (i laugh with you, my friend!)

AJ said...

lol. :)