Sunday, November 3, 2013

What Not to Wear*

Once again, I'd like to say how eternally thankful I am that the internet and social media didn't exist when I was younger.  I can't say with any degree of certainty that I wouldn't have come up with this costume in my early 20s.  Right around the time I chose "Botched Abortion" as a Halloween costume.  See, now I can just tell you about it and you can't search the internet and find my photo on Twitter or Instagram as proof.  I'll tell you in confidence that one component of the costume was a wire hanger around my head.

You're welcome.

So here we have this young lady who made a really bad decision.  Check out the response avalanche.  Let's be careful out there, folks.  Especially on the interwebs.  Remember, the people who comment on news articles can see you.


What Happens When You Dress as a Boston Marathon Victim

I'm thinking she's either a grief counselor or an etiquette maven.

Maybe I can start a support group for people with inappropriate senses of humor.  I'll wear my hanger.  Please, no pictures.

*Title provided by Girlfriend, after watching me stare at this completed, nameless blog post for 30 minutes.  Thanks, PB!

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lupingirl said...

That's just awful! She's 22 and made a stupid decision. I'd hate to think of all the dumb things I did at her age (and older) being posted all over the internet. Yeah it was tasteless, but wishing rape or violence on someone is so much worse.