Sunday, November 17, 2013


Girlfriend and I have been talking about having a baby for a while now and since neither one of us seems to be producing sperm, we're going to have to stray a little from the more common "insert tab A into slot B" step of human reproduction.  And that's not cheap! 

So it occurred to me a while ago that we should start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the other half of our genetic equation.  My girlfriend either rolls her eyes or just keeps talking when I say this little joke to our friends and family.  I brought it up again tonight after we were checking out the pricey cryobank donor menu and decided to see if anyone had tried crowdsourcing for this product.  Sure enough, CNN Money did a story on it in July of 2013:

Crowdfunding for adoptions, fertility treatments

Girlfriend is not digging it at all.  I kind of like it.  "Sponsor Our Kid!"  I know with Kickstarter that you as a supporter receive different gifts/incentives for your donation, usually increasing in value proportionately to the donation amount.  So I'm thinking we can have Junior draw you some pictures or you can buy his or her middle name.  Maybe a corporate sponsorship if the crowdsourcing doesn't work out?  We can put your company's logo on diapers or the stroller?  Maybe put Junior in a logo-saturated little pair of Nascar coveralls??

I can dig it. 

Girlfriend is not amused.  I'll keep working on her, so please have your credit card ready.  ;)

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