Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 7 Blows. Like a Ghost. Or a Spirit.

I need a Mac.  And whatever software is necessary for me to get the things I see out of my head and on paper.  On computer.  On the internet.  WHATEVER.

I'm a little frustrated.  This thing was mildly amusing when I put it together a few hours ago in a matter of minutes, but still didn't look the way I would have prefered.  But I'm limited by my computer/smartphone/tablet's limitations.  Then when I was getting ready to post it, I realized I'd mistakenly said "ghost" when it should be "spirit."  And then all hell broke loose.  I had to edit it on my ancient Gateway PC.  I can't tell you how old it is because I can't even find where the hell the year is on this thing.  I hadn't turned it on in about a year and a half, so it wanted to do virus scans and Microsoft updates and any number of molasses-covered functions before it would let me do what I wanted.  Then the computer would stall and pause in between each of my commands.  I probably could have visited all 6 of my readers and drawn them this picture in less time.  

Now I'm just kind of disgusted with the whole thing.  You can't even tell that Sandy is ethereal.  It just looks like it's a bad copy of a picture.  But I MADE her ethereal, I swear!!  (Someone should probably warn Olivia Newton-John at this point.)

Well, here you go.  NaBloPoMo Day 7.  I'm not proud:

Until tomorrow!

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